Welcome To The Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center

The Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center has volunteer opportunities for you to help provide important information about Alzheimer's to our caregivers and friends by assisting the bulk mail volunteer group with newsletter mailings, help caregivers find answers to their questions by answering calls to the Resource Center, assist with special projects and clerical tasks at the Resource Center, and help raise awareness and funds for the Center by participating in special events.

Use tax dollars to make charitable contributions. Planned giving opportunities give you a chance to direct dollars away from the IRS and toward your favorite charity, like the Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center, Inc. An example of this is a widow with no heirs designates in her will that charities will be the benefactors of her estate. She places certain investments in a charitable trust, which pays her an income for the rest of her life. Since the trust is charitable, she enjoys an income tax deduction she would have forfeited, had she continued to leave the investments to charity in her will.

We greatly appreciate having our center named as a beneficiary in your will. If you are including the center in your will, our legal name is Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center, Inc. The center's 501(c)(3) document number is 65-0580633. Click here to print a copy of the center's 501(c)(3) document.

For more information about planned giving or to obtain a Leave A Legacy brochure, contact the Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center at (239) 437-3007 or e-mail us at info@alzheimersswfl.org.